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Frederik De Paepe delivers, under the name of Webkomeet, several services that are part of website or -application development.

Webkomeet is being practiced as a secondary occupation *, so the turnaround might be slightly longer. However, don’t let this deter you from working with Webkomeet, as it is because of this you will get a professional website for a very interesting price.

"Sound webdevelopment with an eye for the graphical and the technical aspects"


Webdevelopment, that’s what it’s all about. For various projects that relate to the Internet you can rely on Webkomeet. Right below you can find an overview of some key services.


In the first place, Webkomeet makes websites. Webkomeet creates the website of your choice, while guiding trough all necessary steps of it’s creation. A good relationship with other web-professionals will ensure that your website, on all levels, will be finished to perfection.


Webkomeet focuses mainly on the programming of websites and applications. If you would like Webkomeet to elaborate a certain (technical) part of a website or –application, than that’s of course possible as well. Webkomeet is most familiar with (web)technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework.


Beside your website Webkomeet can also provide hosting and the registration of your domain name. If you are in need of (cheaper) hosting, Webkomeet can arrange that for you.


Didn’t find what you where looking for? Still, don’t hesitate to contact Webkomeet. We might be able to help you out by providing our own services or redirect you to professionals that can provide the service you are looking for.



Webkomeet is still at the very beginning of its existence. Because of that, a full portfolio / showcase is not yet available. In case you do want to have a look at some kind of reference, feel free to take a look at the personal portfolio.

CientoUno - Portfolio of Frederik De Paepe  CientoUno - Portfolio of Frederik De Paepe



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Frederik De Paepe
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Tel: +32 477 56 20 71 *


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